Thursday, August 23, 2007


Glendia and I cleaning the pieces in the ceramics lab. We poured several large pieces and a few smaller ones. Those that we did not inadvertently break got bisque fired today. Tomorrow we will see how they turned out.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just Hanging Out
This is the first time we have been able to see the male of this species up close and personal like this since we've been here. We've seen plenty of doe and fawns but never a buck. They are beautiful creatures aren't they?

In a few weeks you won't be able to find hide nor hair of them. Hunting season opens soon. As long as they remain on our property they will be in no danger. Much to the chagrin of the hunters our 'little ranch' is well posted with No Hunting signs. Unfortunately, the deer can't read.

A few days ago we saw a moose eating apples from one of the apple trees. Our neighbor told us that this was the first time a moose had been sited in the area for at least six years. They're a protected species. We hoped that the moose would remain for a few days but, he ate his fill of apples and moved on. We didn't have the camera then. This time was not a problem.

The two deer were even comfortable enough to do some playing while they munched on the Horse Chestnut tree. We shot the photos through the picture window in the living room. I think the tree will survive.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Driving Lessons

Roger has his electric car up and running. The car made it's debut by taking family members to Ferdinand's for ice cream. Unfortunately, (and much to our disappointment) Ferdinand's is closed on weekends (go figure) so we settled for Baskin Robbins. Their ice cream is good and the family had a chance to ride in the Electric VW (nicknamed 'Jet' by Roger) so there was no disappointment.

Today we took Drew to a vacant lot where there is a great expanse of concrete slab available and turned the wheels over to him. He was nervous. I was more nervous but he did a great job of driving the electric VW.

Let's see; Does it look like we're having a bad influence on him? I don't imagine he thinks so.

The last two weeks have gone so quickly. I think Drew has enjoyed himself but I also think he will be glad to be home with his friends again.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Family Outing

We were working in the barn yesterday. I was trying to organize the storage room where everything was tossed while we we were working on my work shop and Roger was preparing the VW for the ice cream run to Ferdinand's.

Drew came into where I was sorting through boxes and cans and in an excited whisper said, "Grandma quick, come here and look."

Outside the window in Roger's work shop is an 8 foot high concrete wall. Atop the wall was Mr. & Mrs. Quail with their quickly growing chicks.

Dad (Mr. Quail) was in the lead with the chicks in between and Mom bringing up the rear. Both parents perched on top of the wall looking down at the ground. At first the chicks were peering down along with the parents. But, like all children they soon became bored with the scenery and inaction and settled down to nap in the sun.

Dad made a quick jump down to survey the territory. This rousted the chicks from their nap and got them all excited again. Mom never moved. Soon Dad returned to the top of the wall and started the little parade down the wall towards a spot that was closer to the ground. With chicks in between and Mom bringing up the rear they all marched to the first of two step downs in the wall. Dad carefully jumped down the first of the steps.

When the chicks did not follow Dad down Mom moved ahead to show them how it was done. Dad, without missing a beat moved to the second step down with Mom close behind. This left the chicks at the top of the wall staring down at their parents.

Suddenly, without warning all of the chicks spread their little wings and took to the air thus avoiding both steps, gliding past Mom and Dad and landed safely on the ground.

Children never cease to amaze their parents with their acts of daring.
BTW: Roger shot the photos of the birds through the window while standing on a ladder inside the barn.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

SATURDAY (aka Another Honey-Do-Day)

Roger talked me out of painting my work shop Boring White. So, today we painted the room a lovely shade of Boring Green (much better...NOT).. It took all of about 3 gallons of paint to complete the task of spraying the walls.

When we were finished and everything was cleaned up we stopped for lunch. During our break I told Roger that I would be working in my work shop with the door closed and, please do not open the door until I said it was okay to look.

It didn't take me long to do and Roger is certainly not impressed but, I like it. I know it's silly but it's something I wanted to do. Sort of like being allowed to color outside of the lines.

Anyway, remember that art is subjective. You may not think that the room is beautiful. In fact you might think it's down right ugly. However, it is no longer BORING.

Oh yes, his comment...."We can always repaint it."

My comment, "I don't think so."

Friday, August 03, 2007

A Short Story

About a month ago while working in my garden I watched a little quail calling his heart out from the roof top of our house. After about 30 minutes of calling and not getting a reply he moved to the roof of the tool shed. From the tool shed he moved to the greenhouse and then back to the house. He sounded so lonely it made my heart ache to listen to his cry.

I could hear other quail calls from farther away in the valley but never in response to his call. He ignored these ‘other’ calls and kept up his vigilance from his perilous pinnacles for several days.

One morning I noticed that he no longer called. I could hear the calls of other quail but not my little Lonely Guy. His call is very different from other quail. I think that's the reason I noticed him in the first place.

My greatest fear was that our feral cat had invited him over for dinner or a light snack. I cannot tell you how delighted I was a day later when I discovered he had not become ‘cat food’ after all. He was foraging in the garden and made a hasty exit when he realized he had been spotted.

About a week ago I spied two adult quail in the garden. One of them was my ‘Lonely Guy’. The two quail naturally took evasive action when they saw me and jumped up on the low brick wall to escape. Unfortunately, the dozen or so babies could not make the jump. They sort of reminded me of small bits of pop corn in the popper each one jumping but not making the transition from terra firma to the top of the wall.

Finally, one by one they discovered that they could run around the wall. And, then they were gone hiding safely in the brush near the dog run.

Today I spied the happy family running across the lawn. Like waves following waves from the ocean onto the shore the covey flowed across the lawn and down the drive towards the barn.

I wish I had had the better lens on the camera. I think I can count about 14 babies.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Getting Plastered

I've found a whole new meaning to 'playing in the mud'.

I finished applying the texture to the walls last week (three five gallon buckets of it). Roger helped me spray the sealer on the walls so the blue spots (see photo #3 lower R/H corner) don't show through the paint when the walls are complete. The 'Honey Do' list includes help with painting the room this coming weekend. I think I could do it myself but, I really do appreciate his help.

When the painting is complete I can put the room back together again... Hurray! Another item checked off on the list of too many projects to complete this summer. And, if Roger gets his car done (he's really close now) that will be two projects done.

I'm looking forward to that trip to Ferdinand's.

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