Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Family Outing

We were working in the barn yesterday. I was trying to organize the storage room where everything was tossed while we we were working on my work shop and Roger was preparing the VW for the ice cream run to Ferdinand's.

Drew came into where I was sorting through boxes and cans and in an excited whisper said, "Grandma quick, come here and look."

Outside the window in Roger's work shop is an 8 foot high concrete wall. Atop the wall was Mr. & Mrs. Quail with their quickly growing chicks.

Dad (Mr. Quail) was in the lead with the chicks in between and Mom bringing up the rear. Both parents perched on top of the wall looking down at the ground. At first the chicks were peering down along with the parents. But, like all children they soon became bored with the scenery and inaction and settled down to nap in the sun.

Dad made a quick jump down to survey the territory. This rousted the chicks from their nap and got them all excited again. Mom never moved. Soon Dad returned to the top of the wall and started the little parade down the wall towards a spot that was closer to the ground. With chicks in between and Mom bringing up the rear they all marched to the first of two step downs in the wall. Dad carefully jumped down the first of the steps.

When the chicks did not follow Dad down Mom moved ahead to show them how it was done. Dad, without missing a beat moved to the second step down with Mom close behind. This left the chicks at the top of the wall staring down at their parents.

Suddenly, without warning all of the chicks spread their little wings and took to the air thus avoiding both steps, gliding past Mom and Dad and landed safely on the ground.

Children never cease to amaze their parents with their acts of daring.
BTW: Roger shot the photos of the birds through the window while standing on a ladder inside the barn.

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