Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just Hanging Out
This is the first time we have been able to see the male of this species up close and personal like this since we've been here. We've seen plenty of doe and fawns but never a buck. They are beautiful creatures aren't they?

In a few weeks you won't be able to find hide nor hair of them. Hunting season opens soon. As long as they remain on our property they will be in no danger. Much to the chagrin of the hunters our 'little ranch' is well posted with No Hunting signs. Unfortunately, the deer can't read.

A few days ago we saw a moose eating apples from one of the apple trees. Our neighbor told us that this was the first time a moose had been sited in the area for at least six years. They're a protected species. We hoped that the moose would remain for a few days but, he ate his fill of apples and moved on. We didn't have the camera then. This time was not a problem.

The two deer were even comfortable enough to do some playing while they munched on the Horse Chestnut tree. We shot the photos through the picture window in the living room. I think the tree will survive.

It's unusual to see one buck, but two is a real treat.

BTW: At the same time the bucks were playing around in our yard, two does were out in the alfalfa field chowing down.

... just love it here!

(Courtney: Eat your heart out! LOL)
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