Monday, February 16, 2009

WEATHER (or Not)

Just when you think (hoping really) that the weather is getting better it snows again. I wish one particular rodent had slept in that day.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me

I received a set of Lincoln Logs for Christmas last year. Well, it wasn't really Lincoln Logs but it might as well have been. Roger got me some really nice oak boards (yep, I said boards) all individually wrapped in cellophane. Along with the boards I received some really nice coat hooks (all in one box).

Now though the oversized Lincoln Logs were nice what I really wanted was a coat rack for in the hall so that we could hang our coats up instead of using the furniture as coat racks. He faithfully promised that he would get the 'kit' put together and I would be very happy with the outcome.

Well, he did and, I am. The small shelf on the top has electrical plugs in it for charging our cell phones. Everything fits very well. It has really come in handy. Thanks Santa ;-)

The Palouse

The weather has been mild here for the last several days and the snow is beginning to melt. I can even go outdoors (though briefly) without getting frost bit. It's actually very pretty.

Even the accidental ice sculpture over the pond has even begun to melt. Maybe the fish will come out of hibernation soon. Please hurry up spring.

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