Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Lazy Sunday Morning

Here is Roger relaxing in his favorite chair. Does he look comfortable or what?

Oh yes, the second photo is the sunlight shining through the stained glass window in the front door. It was really prettier just before I snapped the photo but the light changes so quickly it was difficult to get a clear shot.

Sunday Afternoon...

I guess there is a downside to feeding the birds. Panda was frantically barking at something this afternoon. Normally when we look there are Magpies eating the cat food, a chunk of snow falling from the roof or some phantom spirit moving a dead leaf across the top of the snow. Today, however, I looked out the living room window to find this fellow eating lunch. I'm not sure who his dinner guest was.

I don't think the shot is too bad considering that the photo was taken through the window. And, the subject matter was not that cooperative.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Earlier this winter Roger told me he could hardly wait until it snowed. Now Roger is doing 'his thing' (he's been looking forward to this all winter). He loves to ride the tractor and plow the snow.

This is the third or fourth time this winter that he's had to plow the road and, I think the task is no longer a novelty.

I believe I heard a little bit of a grumble this last time. Or, was that just thunder?

BTW: As a side note. Has anyone ever heard thunder and seen lightning during a snow storm? Well, I did and I couldn't believe it. Wow, I guess there's a first time for everything.

I feed the birds every winter. We have a large variety; mostly Finches, Flickers and Doves and of course Magpies who not only eat the seed but also the cat food. I think they'd eat the dog if they had the chance.

I go through about 50 pounds of bird seed in a 4-5 week period. That's a lot for the bird seed, even with the Magpies. I finally found out why...

See if you can do a head count on the California Quail. I counted twenty three at one point and there were still more rushing across the back yard toward the feeder. It was as if someone suddenly rang the dinner bell.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

...And Then There Was Light!

Roger finished installing the lights in my studio last week.

And... They work great.

The first two sets are up and running. The second sets (in the future office and exercise area) still need to be hard wired in. The installation was not too difficult. Roger ran a NMT (non metallic tubing) down the space between the ceiling and the roof line to a hole he had drilled inside the skylights. I got to stand by on the ladder and grab the wire as it came down the tube. He then wired everything up and voila we have lights.

I know I make it sound simple. Roger worked very hard at installing the lights. The lights really help.

I got to wash the screens.

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