Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Work Continues...

It is so refreshing to see things turning green again. However... Green things seem to grow. To keep from breaking out the machete we took the snow plow off the John Deere and put the mower blades on. I'm not mowing the whole field, just the area around the trees. I'm not sure why he thought this would be a good photo.

No, that's not a mannequin on the lawn mower.

We don't really mind the work; this is what keeps us young (I think).

We've started the framing for the workshops in the barn.

The cement for the footings on the greenhouse was delivered yesterday.

This morning Josh and his friend Chris helped pour the footings.

I just hope that the measurements are correct.

Maybe the frog knows.

I Have a Question

Last year I planted some tulip bulbs. I thought they were going to be a deep red but, they came up yellow instead. This year when the blossoms emerged the colors were mixed. Not only do I have yellow tulips I also have red and some that are nearly white. I haven't a clue where the red ones came from.

The white tulips do have a hint of lavender in them. I assume this is from cross pollinating with the lavender tulips planted nearby. Does anyone know anything about tulips?

It's so nice to have everything in bloom again. It almost looks like a park. Now if i can just keep the weeds out of the flower beds.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Not quite dry yet.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We're one step closer to completing the studio (aka exercise room, office). Today we poured the floor leveler in the pool room. Our helper, Josh, assisted with the mixing of the stuff we poured onto the floor. Doesn't it look like fun? (NOT)

Roger purchased 32 bags of the floor leveler. We used all but one, mixing one bag at a time. Josh not only helped me mix, he also hauled the stuff (one bucket at a time) into the pool room where Roger used the squeegee to level it off. The dry weight on each bag was about 50 pounds. With the water, who knows what the total weight was?

The fruits of our labor will not be realized until we are able to get a closer look at what we covered and/or missed covering. That will happen tomorrow when the cement sets up enough so that we can walk on it.

We began work on the foundation for the green house yesterday but can't continue because we're waiting for some fabricated material from the hardware store. Once that arrives we can finish framing the forms for the concrete.

The green house will arrive sometime in May; just in time for planting the garden. Maybe I won't have to plant it three times this year.

We've been real fortunate with getting help with the projects; first the rowing team, then Kirt and now Josh. Roger and I would really like to take a couple more trips in the trailer this year. If we hold fast to the motto "No New Projects", maybe we'll make it. We both enjoy working on 'projects' and they are a lot of fun but, you know what they say, 'Too much of a good thing... (Isn't').

I think I'll be glad when I can start painting again. No, that's not a new project.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

RJ Ranch Updates...

We've been working hard here at 'the ranch'. A lot is going on right now and I will try to hit on a few of the jobs we're working on and the progress we've made these past few weeks.

First: We put the Plexiglas windows in the barn about a month ago. This last week we finished closing in the barn with the windows in Roger's work area. Now it's actually cozy in there.

This is the storage area with the opaque Plexiglas windows.

This is Roger's work area. The windows are under the overhang and will probably never have light directly on them but they do let in a lot of light. Next we will be putting insulation in the walls, installing drywall and lighting.

Second: I removed the two rose bushes from the front flower bed and put them in the rose garden (I think they were lonely out there by themselves).

I planted this little weeping willow in the front flower bed (a 'gift' from my husband); raked the bark away from the walls (because the exterminator told us that it shouldn't be up against the house) and installed rock around the perimeter of the flower bed (now my back hurts).

I just wish the 'bug man' had told me about the bugs BEFORE I had the rowing team put the bark in the flower bed.

I think this little Gold Finch approves of the tree.

Third: We've finished the installation of the sub floor in the pool room and I think we're ready to put down the floor leveler. It will really look a lot better when we have all of the holes we knocked in the walls patched. That's our next step. The room is beginning to look cavernous and there is such a echo. Depressingly, most of the work is UNDER the plywood. I hope the artist who designed the art work on the walls never sees this blog.

Dancing anyone?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Shelter From the Storm

Remember our two feral cats? We were told they would not survive the winter. Evidently, someone failed to tell the cats that they were not supposed to survive. They're both alive and doing well. Specter allows me to get a little closer (at times) when I feed him. He even talks to me now and again. Loper on the other hand has become elusive.

Last week when I was trimming the junipers along the north side of the house I discovered Loper's 'nest'. There was quite a collection of trodden leaves and bird feathers exposed by the trimming. I assumed that since Specter is living under the dog run, this must be Loper's hide out.

This is Loper this last February.

Since she lost her hid out when we trimmed the bushes I purchased a large dog carrier and tucked it back into the bushes. For a week now we suspected that she was using it but we weren't sure. Yesterday Roger put a camera outside of the box. This morning we got the answer to our question.

I think that Loper is looking a little matronly. My second Tom may be a Thomasina. It's difficult to tell, but judge for yourself.

This is Loper today. Roger took this photo from the TV in the den. The resolution is not clear because it's a photo of what the camera picks up. Loper does look content doesn't she?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yesterday it was a touch on the cool side; 37 with a wind chill factor of 31. It was such a nice day that we just had to plant 13 of the 15 trees we purchased a few weeks ago. We would have frozen to death if we had not been working so hard.

Our pasture grass is beginning to grow. It's the greenest spot in this little valley at the moment.

Today, it's 50 outside and the weather is just beautiful. We worked on the pool (indoors)... go figure.

I think we're going to take a break for a couple of days. I think we need it.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April 1st...

Did I mention it was April Fools Day?
We had breakfast at our favorite restaurant and guess what?
Roger surprised his favorite waitress.
We all had a good laugh.
And then everyone got into the act.


Back to Work

We started on the pool room reconstruction (or deconstruction) on Wednesday after our return from Seattle. We've been working steady on the project since then.

Because of all the 'projects' we have on our official List of Things to Do we advertised for a gardener and got Kirt. Fortunately for us Kirt is also handy with a hammer.

This photo best displays the 'ham' in both of them.

But, they do work hard when no one is looking.

We did hire Kirt to help with the landscaping and when the weather permits, he's outside. During inclement weather though, he helps Roger with the construction. He's a great worker and we should be able to keep him busy for awhile.

Of course I’m out there working too when there is something I can accomplish. I got to fill in the rocks and... Guess who's troweling the cement? Whatever made us think that this was a simple project? At least we're one tiny step closer to completion.

The Baby Shower

Well, here are a few photos we took at the baby shower.

Bryan and Addi look happy.

Addi would like to have had the baby yesterday.

We were able to reunite with some family members and meet some of Bryan and Addi's friends.

...And of course there is the ever present comic.

The west coast is really a pretty place... to visit.

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