Sunday, August 12, 2007

Driving Lessons

Roger has his electric car up and running. The car made it's debut by taking family members to Ferdinand's for ice cream. Unfortunately, (and much to our disappointment) Ferdinand's is closed on weekends (go figure) so we settled for Baskin Robbins. Their ice cream is good and the family had a chance to ride in the Electric VW (nicknamed 'Jet' by Roger) so there was no disappointment.

Today we took Drew to a vacant lot where there is a great expanse of concrete slab available and turned the wheels over to him. He was nervous. I was more nervous but he did a great job of driving the electric VW.

Let's see; Does it look like we're having a bad influence on him? I don't imagine he thinks so.

The last two weeks have gone so quickly. I think Drew has enjoyed himself but I also think he will be glad to be home with his friends again.

I guess all those video games have finally paid off.

Hee Hee!!

Good going Drew! You are already driving better than quite a few licensed drivers!
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