Monday, April 09, 2007

Shelter From the Storm

Remember our two feral cats? We were told they would not survive the winter. Evidently, someone failed to tell the cats that they were not supposed to survive. They're both alive and doing well. Specter allows me to get a little closer (at times) when I feed him. He even talks to me now and again. Loper on the other hand has become elusive.

Last week when I was trimming the junipers along the north side of the house I discovered Loper's 'nest'. There was quite a collection of trodden leaves and bird feathers exposed by the trimming. I assumed that since Specter is living under the dog run, this must be Loper's hide out.

This is Loper this last February.

Since she lost her hid out when we trimmed the bushes I purchased a large dog carrier and tucked it back into the bushes. For a week now we suspected that she was using it but we weren't sure. Yesterday Roger put a camera outside of the box. This morning we got the answer to our question.

I think that Loper is looking a little matronly. My second Tom may be a Thomasina. It's difficult to tell, but judge for yourself.

This is Loper today. Roger took this photo from the TV in the den. The resolution is not clear because it's a photo of what the camera picks up. Loper does look content doesn't she?

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