Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We're one step closer to completing the studio (aka exercise room, office). Today we poured the floor leveler in the pool room. Our helper, Josh, assisted with the mixing of the stuff we poured onto the floor. Doesn't it look like fun? (NOT)

Roger purchased 32 bags of the floor leveler. We used all but one, mixing one bag at a time. Josh not only helped me mix, he also hauled the stuff (one bucket at a time) into the pool room where Roger used the squeegee to level it off. The dry weight on each bag was about 50 pounds. With the water, who knows what the total weight was?

The fruits of our labor will not be realized until we are able to get a closer look at what we covered and/or missed covering. That will happen tomorrow when the cement sets up enough so that we can walk on it.

We began work on the foundation for the green house yesterday but can't continue because we're waiting for some fabricated material from the hardware store. Once that arrives we can finish framing the forms for the concrete.

The green house will arrive sometime in May; just in time for planting the garden. Maybe I won't have to plant it three times this year.

We've been real fortunate with getting help with the projects; first the rowing team, then Kirt and now Josh. Roger and I would really like to take a couple more trips in the trailer this year. If we hold fast to the motto "No New Projects", maybe we'll make it. We both enjoy working on 'projects' and they are a lot of fun but, you know what they say, 'Too much of a good thing... (Isn't').

I think I'll be glad when I can start painting again. No, that's not a new project.

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