Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back to Work

We started on the pool room reconstruction (or deconstruction) on Wednesday after our return from Seattle. We've been working steady on the project since then.

Because of all the 'projects' we have on our official List of Things to Do we advertised for a gardener and got Kirt. Fortunately for us Kirt is also handy with a hammer.

This photo best displays the 'ham' in both of them.

But, they do work hard when no one is looking.

We did hire Kirt to help with the landscaping and when the weather permits, he's outside. During inclement weather though, he helps Roger with the construction. He's a great worker and we should be able to keep him busy for awhile.

Of course I’m out there working too when there is something I can accomplish. I got to fill in the rocks and... Guess who's troweling the cement? Whatever made us think that this was a simple project? At least we're one tiny step closer to completion.

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