Sunday, April 15, 2007

RJ Ranch Updates...

We've been working hard here at 'the ranch'. A lot is going on right now and I will try to hit on a few of the jobs we're working on and the progress we've made these past few weeks.

First: We put the Plexiglas windows in the barn about a month ago. This last week we finished closing in the barn with the windows in Roger's work area. Now it's actually cozy in there.

This is the storage area with the opaque Plexiglas windows.

This is Roger's work area. The windows are under the overhang and will probably never have light directly on them but they do let in a lot of light. Next we will be putting insulation in the walls, installing drywall and lighting.

Second: I removed the two rose bushes from the front flower bed and put them in the rose garden (I think they were lonely out there by themselves).

I planted this little weeping willow in the front flower bed (a 'gift' from my husband); raked the bark away from the walls (because the exterminator told us that it shouldn't be up against the house) and installed rock around the perimeter of the flower bed (now my back hurts).

I just wish the 'bug man' had told me about the bugs BEFORE I had the rowing team put the bark in the flower bed.

I think this little Gold Finch approves of the tree.

Third: We've finished the installation of the sub floor in the pool room and I think we're ready to put down the floor leveler. It will really look a lot better when we have all of the holes we knocked in the walls patched. That's our next step. The room is beginning to look cavernous and there is such a echo. Depressingly, most of the work is UNDER the plywood. I hope the artist who designed the art work on the walls never sees this blog.

Dancing anyone?

What's really interesting, when you think about it: The old "pool room" is about 900 sq. ft. and our entire condo in Leisure World was just 1200 sq. ft.
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