Thursday, April 02, 2009


In like a lion and out like a lamb... Right? Yea, right. I think someone let the lion out too soon and it ate the lamb.

In the last 24 hours we've had freezing rain, sleet, hail, big puffy snow flakes, and small snow pellets (affectionately called 'grapple' by the local news media). Today the sun managed to poke through the clouds for a few (and I do mean a very 'few') moments.

All of this slush makes for treacherous driving conditions with the slipping and sliding and spinning of tires. That's just to get in or out of our driveway. I'll not discuss the carnage on the roads.

Water in the Union Flat Creek is running like the rapids of the Colorado River. Last week on my way to the mail box in the golf cart I thought I saw some debris floating down the creek. I stopped the cart on the bridge to see. Looking back at me (as if they'd never seen a golf cart before) were six otters. They're much larger creatures than I thought. They were just as curious about the cart as I was about them. Of course I did not have a camera. It would have been an interesting photo. I hope they come again one day.

Today I thought I saw an animal riding the current down the creek and hurried out to see what it was. As it turns out it was not an animal just a very large log bobbing up and down in the rapids.

Our seasonal creek is also running. If you look closely you will see the muddy water rushing up over the top of the large rock in the foreground. The photos are just from today's adventure.

I planted the plants in the greenhouse last week. So far the only brave sole has been one little zucchini plant. The rest are wondering when it will be warm enough to poke their little heads out of the soil. Photos will follow as soon as there is something to show besides dirt.

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