Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Walk to the Falls
(aka Completing our Cardiovascular Exercise for the Day).

In keeping with the alternative power idea we are monitoring the flow rate on the seasonal stream on the south side between the house and the barn. The small tributary runs west to east. When it meets the creek the water is then carried northward. The snow is really beginning to melt and the run off is amazing at the top of the falls.

Top of the Falls................About Midway Down

We will not be doing anything with the stream this year; just monitoring the flow rate and the length of time the stream actually contains water.

Though the 5 gallon bucket fills within a matter of seconds the amount of water coming out of the pipe Roger installed is nothing compared to what is coming over the falls. It appears that the water seeps into fissures of the basalt as it progresses down toward Union Flat Creek. Comparatively little of it actually makes it to the creek via the eastward flowing stream.

The headwaters of the stream begin at the little dip in the photos above. You can see Roger standing at the top in the photos below (just for size reference). The falls is actually falling behind the snow mass you see in the photos. That's a lot of frozen water up there.


If we are able to lease the property surrounding the stream we can begin plans to install the necessary equipment to generate power from the seasonal runoff.

Not this year though. This is shaping up to be 'A New Project'.

The snow is really beginning to melt.

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