Saturday, February 02, 2008


Hurray for neighbors. Gerald Henson our neighbor about a mile to the north came to our rescue yesterday with his backhoe.

Digging us out was not an easy task. After he finished our long drive way he drove across the street to clear the neighbors drive. Try to find someone like that in So. CA people. You would starve to death waiting for help from most neighbors there.

The path was not real wide but wide enough to get the car through. Notice the mailbox... Oops! I think it's buried under the snow. It's that little dot all the way on the left in the second photo. You might be able to make out the top (if you look hard). You think maybe that's why we have received no mail since Monday?

We shot these photos from the car on our way into town. I know this looks pretty desolate but it does have a beauty to it (Plop in a few palms and it's like a white sandy beach in the Caymens only in snow).

Notice the fence posts in the third photo.

And, last but not least, Roger managed to snap this photo of one of the quail families that come down to feast under the bird feeder.

It really has been a good day.

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