Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Letter to my Father

Hi Daddy. How are you? I know; things have not changed in recent months have they? Are you resting well? I hope you’re not cold any more. I pray you’re happy where you are. Though it may be peaceful there, I think you still miss us. I know we miss you.

I know I haven’t spoken with you lately. With all of the work we’re doing on the ‘ranch’ it seems like the day just begins and then its night time again. Where does the time go? I know, that’s not a good excuse but, it’s the only one I can come up with right now.

I’m sorry I did not speak with you the last time you were here. I just wasn’t ready for that. I’m ready now but, I don’t think you’ll be back here again. I wish you would; even if it was just one more time. We could talk. You could tell me stories again and I could watch your eyes light up when you talk about the things that happened with friends and family in your life.

I often hear you speaking though I cannot make out the words. I see you face smiling at me. I see the happiness in your eyes as you show me your newest creation from the slip casting class. You’ve made so much and you’re so proud of the pieces. I cherish each one in my possession each and every time I use them, hold them, or clean them. The rooster still occupies the place of honor on the hearth beside the fireplace. The frog has not made it out to the Koi pond yet. I may continue to keep him on the floor beside the bed. I think he likes it there.

I pray that I will never forget to keep the water level up in the fountain. It runs all of the time. It’s the one you wanted me to have. Each time I fill it I remember how proud you were with how the little cherub came out.

You so love to create things. I guess that’s where I get it from. I know Mom was going crazy with all of the art work in the house. I don’t think she would really mind now. She might even welcome it.

You know when you left we all thought Mom was going to follow right behind you. Thank you for helping convince her to stay a bit longer. She’s doing okay but she does miss you terribly. They say the first year is the hardest. And, this past nine months has been hard on all of us.

I know there is no place to send a card and there is no phone number I can call. Still, I wanted you to know how proud I am of you and happy that you were part of my life. I made a promise to you the last time I saw you. I will endeavor to keep that promise. You know the promise.

Most importantly I wanted to tell you, Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Until I see you again remember that I love you.

Glenn Ellis July 26, 1919 - August 3, 2006

There is nothing to add, no more words to say: You said it all beuatifully. What a wonderful, warm letter to your Dad.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. And you know my promise to you, too. It will be kept.

Love, Roger
I miss grandpa too.. Both of them, even though I didn't know grandpa standard I know they are both lookin out for me..
Mom and I both agree that it is a beautiful letter. We love you. Glendia
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