Sunday, November 19, 2006


I guess you know (from my lack of posting this last week) that we have not done much on the barn lately. I’ve been wrapping Christmas gifts and baking cookies. Roger has been working outdoors on the Christmas lights.

The lights are a valid project; one we decided last year would be good for this year. Unfortunately, the project has involved a lot of preparation.

We dug trenches (Roger did) last summer and laid down some water lines for the 9 fir trees and single maple tree lining the driveway. We also put down some electrical wire before we filled in the trench. The trees have benefited from the extra water: it has been dry this year. But, it must have looked curious from the standpoint that we had fence posts staked out at each tree with wire tied around them. Maybe people were too busy noticing the lights on the hill and didn’t notice the wires sticking out of the ground. Then again, maybe they’ve come to expect the unexpected at the RJ Ranch.

We (Roger again) dug a trench across the driveway and ran the wires to the pipe the previous owner was kind enough to install in the cement under the drive so that electricity could be run to the other side (where the trees are located). I’m not sure what we are doing is what he had in mind when he put in the pipe but we do thank him for the foresight to do it. That’s where the work on the lights stopped; wires sticking out of the ground and out of the side of the house (until now).

Roger has spent the last two days finishing the wiring to the trees. The trees are now ready for lights; the next step. He gave me a small display of what it will look like when completely finished. I can hardly wait to post a photo of the completed project.

I took the photos of Roger as he was trying to figure out what wires went where. He tells me he likes to work on electrical things because electricity doesn't leak. That may be true but I also know that even though it doesn't leak, I know it bites.

Wow!! I'm sure you're gonna have a real bright and gorgeous decorations for your home this time...I'm yet to buy the decorations and lights and the tree as well...jus busy picking up gifts....!!Please donot forget to post the photographs of your beautifully lit up house with the lovely decors that u're planning!!
Hmmm ... now which wire did I say went to the PowerLinc Controller and which was the ground wire? (There are SIXTEEN wires going into each tree junction box ... and there are ten trees!) Anyway, just kidding aside, It's all hooked up, just waiting for the tree lights and X10 light controllers to be installed. The last part will be the computer program for the lighting sequencing. (My guess is that will be an evolving, work in progress. No telling how the light show will look each night!) Oh ... and don't forget the big lighted star on the hill. I haven't even started that one yet!
Good grief!
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