Sunday, October 01, 2006


Remember the barn? No, we're not done but, we are a few steps closer.

We had little time in August to work on the barn and the first part of September Roger was in California. He helped his sister in her move to Laguna Woods and then spent the next 10 days in helicopter school in Long Beach.

He returned home on the 16th of September.

We started the construction work again the following week and this is how far we have gotten. We hope to have the front enclosed by the end of this next week. BTW: If you're confused, the new part in the lower photo is on the left... (this is the back of the barn).

We found the large window in the barn. Evidently the window was removed from the house when it was renovated. It’s such a nice large window so we decided to put in it Rogers ‘work shop’. It looks pretty good.

FYI: Roger and I have a great appreciation for construction workers. Patrick helped Roger with installing the 18 foot rafters to support the roof. Other than the rafters, Roger and I have done ALL of the construction ourselves. I'm impressed =)

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