Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We continued the barn construction today. We screwed in the last of the stringers and put lag bolts in the 2x6’s that remained on the original wall above the roof line for the addition. We then proceeded with the arduous task of fastening the roof panels to the stringers.

We finished three more panels this afternoon. With the two we installed previously the grand total finished now stands at five. Yippee! We only have 25 more to do. IF we got out early tomorrow and IF we stick with the plan, we hope to have the rest of the panels securely attached in two days.

These are in my vegetable garden. Yes, I planted them. No, I don’t really plan to do anything with them. I’m just feeding the birds (and the bees - see second photo). Now maybe the birds leave my tomatoes alone.

it's the sunflowers that we planted.. they serviced..
Looks that way doesn't it? You should see the rest of the garden...I'll post more later.
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