Sunday, August 20, 2006


Tomorrow we start back to work on the barn. The "kids" returned home today after being here for more than a week. It was far more enjoyable visiting with them than pounding nails and driving screws but, I guess the work must be done. Updates on the barn will resume tomorrow.

I was out taking photos of the new fawns when I thought I saw a pheasant in the yard. As you can tell it didn't hang around very long. I managed to snap this photo and then forgot about it. When Roger down loaded the image it turned out to be a young turkey. We haven't seen many coyotes this year so the birds probably feel more secure in their habitat. Since there will be "No Hunting" on the property I'm hoping we will experience more sightings like this one. This is another "first" for our little ranch.

Ummmm ... Looks like we'll save a couple of bucks on Thanksgiving dinner, this year.
Only if you can catch him/her. Does 'run like a turken' mean anything to you?
So I can't spell t-u-r-k-e-y. So sue me...
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