Thursday, August 10, 2006

No Work Today...

Things never turn out as you expect them to, do they? We rush through life completing each task (or not) with a single focus hoping to complete one task before we start the next. Then something happens that turns our head; slows us down; gives pause to our fast and furious forward progress.

We forget that life is not a paved super highway meant to be traversed in haste. It is a slow and gentle country road meant to be strolled down and savored each and every step of the way.

Life is a fragile commodity once taken it can never be returned. Life is what happens while we are preparing to live. Give thanks to each and every day that you are able to spend with your family.

My father loved my mother. He stood by her for 65 years before he finally said good bye. He said good bye to all of us. We just refused to acknowledge that he really was leaving. He was 87.

Thank you for being my father Dad. I wouldn’t have chosen any other even if I had been given a choice.

My thanks to all who sent their condolences.

hey momma.. i added some pictures to my blogger.. the one with me in cowboy hat lookin down i was tryin to get in my profile.. pic.. oh well

Love ya

your lil sassy country girl
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