Friday, June 16, 2006

Remember last year when I got so excited about the fact that the Koi in our pond had spawned? Yea, that was last year. I “fished” out about 150 of the little guys and found homes for them in the “Great Fish Giveaway Contest”. Not a contest really. Only one rule: BYOB (bring your own bucket). I caught them and interested people took them home. I was hoping that I could find homes for most of them but, believe it or not, I gave them all away. Now I have a waiting list

I knew there were more in the pond and (now that they are big enough to see well) was planning on catching them when we cleaned the pond this summer. Well, I don’t think the “Great Pond Cleaning Contest” will happen anytime soon because we waited too long. The fish have spawned again and now there are more microscopic little bodies swimming merrily about the pond. The thought of trying to catch several hundred tiny fish (one at a time b.t.w.) does not appeal to me.

Here are (6) three inch one-year-olds that survived the winter in the pond.

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