Friday, March 10, 2006


I found some lights like these last summer when we were at Priest Lake. I thought they were very pretty and thought they would go well in our yard. I didn’t get them because I thought they were a little “pricey”. Roger surprised me last month with these. They are smaller but oh so much more affordable.

With all the excitement of preparing for Mom and Dad’s 65th Wedding Anniversary I didn’t get a chance to show them off to anyone…so hear they are. I haven’t decided just where they will reside but for the time being they “live” in our rose garden in front of the house.

The weather is changing; still cool but warmer during the day with longer periods of light. It will be nice when it warms up enough for me to get out and cull out some of the dead plants in the flower beds. We are seeing more birds now; lots of robins and red winged black birds; even spotted some quail and pheasant. We haven’t seen many deer yet. I do hope they return this summer. It was nice watching the fawns play.

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