Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hello Summer

Summer has finally arrived and the garden I planted (in June?) is starting to produce something.

It's August the 9th and given the area in which we live that leaves about six weeks (on the outside and if we're lucky) until the first frost. Do you think any of the fruits and veggies will make it?

Here we have Sunflowers (planted mainly to feed the birds in winter) they appear to be doing well. The next photo is our pumpkins. They're supposed to be Big Boys. I think they're more like little squirts. The third photo is a weird type of tomato sort of oblong like a Roma Tomato. They're slightly larger than the quarter.

Next are the regular tomatoes. They have a long way to go. The cucumber are also very small. The onions are doing great but, of course I can't eat onion.

The Lettuce is doing wonderfully (we gotta eat more salads). The grapes are starting to look like grapes instead of peas and the solitary watermelon (I'm so proud) that no one told us would grow in this area is doing better than anything else.

I have also picked one zucchini. We'll fry it up tomorrow.

The cherry tree had a lot of cherries on it this year. We carefully put bird netting over the tree to keep the birds from getting the cherries. It almost covered the tree completely.

I was outside a few weeks ago and tried one of the cherries. It was just right so I decided to pick the cherries (in the morning). Did you know birds are early risers? And, I don't think they're just looking for worms. The morning of the great cherry harvest arrived and so did the birds. Nearly all of the cherries were gone by the time I got outside to remove the netting and pick the cherries.

I gotta be more clever next year or get a bigger net.

Bird Netting that works I found at Absolute Bird Control
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