Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summer, Fall, Winter

(What? No Spring?)

It appears that Mother Nature has decided to go directly from late winter to early summer. She has missed spring entirely. At least it seems that way. The birds have tried and so have the flowers (even when they received 3" of snow a few weeks ago).

We've been busy outdoors completing projects making repairs and working on the yards again so posting may continue to be slow.

Roger is almost finished installing the solar hot water system on the roof. He has a few more things to tie down (wrap up and connect) on that project.

Roger puts up each of the 36 vacuum tubes that will generate the heat necessary to provide us with hot water.

I hand up the tubes while Panda patrols the yard; our contribution to the cause.

I did manage to get the garden planted and everything is coming up. I just hope there is time for everything to mature before fall sets in. Maybe we'll miss that season too. Thank heaven the watering system I've used for the last two years still works. I hope it lasts a few more.

Summer Squash.................Watermelon.....................Zucchini

Tomatoes & Bell Peppers

I took these photos just after planting and will post some more in a couple more weeks as a comparison to see if everything continues to prosper or becomes overcooked greens with the heat. I'm told that watermelon don't do too well here in Washington but, I can try anyway.

So far the Sun Flowers (strictly for the birds), the radishes, onions and lettuce are coming up from seed. I only planted one row of each. I'll be planting more as summer progresses.

Blueberries.....................Sweet Basel.............Rosemary

The Blueberries and herbs are still in the green house. They appear to do better there. Roger has set up a swamp cooler to help with the heat.

We also have some cherries on one of the trees we planted two years ago. We'll see just how many we're able to get before the birds eat them. Look close, they're still very green.

I've had to replace the cover on the strawberry patch. We should have a lot of them this year. The weight of all that snow sort of did the cover in.

These strawberries are green too.

This is the old cover. We have some remnants left from the deer fence so I've used them to build a cover for the strawberries. We've been able to gather enough strawberries to supplement the blueberries from the greenhouse and blend them together with some yogurt and banana. They make great smoothies...Yum.

I purchased a package of Red Poppies at the Home Show this past year and planted them in the flower bed in the front yard. Does anyone see any red poppies? I don't. I see orange. I see yellow. So, where's the red?

I told you about my Grandmother's Iris' last time. They're healthy and the blooms are beautiful.

But, can anyone tell me where this one came from?

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