Tuesday, June 10, 2008

IT'S SPRING (Isn't it?)

We started to put up the fence fabric yesterday (6/9/08). We finished setting the posts last Thursday so Monday looked like a good day for installing the fencing fabric. The weather is so unpredictable it's difficult to tell just when is a good time to do... (fill in the blank).

We managed to get a lot of the fabric up even though we were rained on a few times in the process.

The 'fence' extends up the south side and about 4/5 the way across the west side of the property. We're about 30 feet short to completing the back. The fence won't really keep anything in or out (yet) but it's a start. We will need about 12 - 14 more posts to complete the fence (not to mention additional wire and fabric. Once completed it should do a good job of keeping our little dog in and coyotes out. Yes, I should tell you about Panda (our Chinese Crested), the coyote and the giant white apparition...later.

This morning I took a photo of the fence from our back porch. You can see where the fence extends just past the right hand tree. Keep in mind today is June the 10th.

That's snow folks. The rain gave way to snow earlier this morning. And, as of 10:46 it's still snowing. My poor flowers.

The veggies are still cozy in the greenhouse. I may not put them out until July. Did I mention that the weather is unpredictable?

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