Saturday, May 24, 2008


This past month Roger has been working on getting the solar panels up and running. The inspector was out a couple of weeks ago to approve the ditches. Once they received his blessing Roger filled them in with the backhoe and set to work on the next step.

He strung wires and put in switches, circuit breakers and junction boxes and then threw the switch (three switches really).

Voila - nothing exploded.

There is a 'wee' bit too much voltage flowing through the panels during the daylight hours so we will eventually be putting up a fence around the installation to avoid creating any crispy critters.

Roger is so proud. One of the meters is running backward.

Unfortunately, while he had the backhoe in his possession he dug another hole (I think it was the idea of a 'new toy'). On his last trip to Spokane he picked up another pole. We will be cementing that one in next week. I appears we will be getting four more solar panels.

I had a chance to use the backhoe. I took down the small mountain of fill dirt that has been bugging me since we moved in. The backhoe is fun to operate. That explains the fifth hole - right?

Tomorrow we'll talk about a trip to the Farmer's Market and bar-be-cued gophers.

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