Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long Time - No Post

I know, it's May. So what has been going on here at the RJ Ranch? Lots of stuff.

I'll try to hit a few of the highlights just for the sake of not boring you to death.

A few weeks ago while Roger and I were working in the office Roger happened to look out of the window and spied what looked like two large white wolfs traversing the hill behind the house. As it turned out they were not wolves but two Great Pyrenees. The female (and smaller of the two) was wearing a collar so I knew they were not feral (let's say I 'hoped' they were not feral).

She did come to me when I called her and I was able to glean a name "Freya" and a phone number from the tags. The male and the larger of the two (I found out later "the puppy") was not wearing a collar.

After the fourth try I managed to get through to the number on the tag. I'm not sure if I was excited or nervous about getting that close to a very large dog.

The neighbor told me she would be there in 10 minutes. About two minutes after I hung up both dogs took off like a bolt of lightning toward the top of the hill. I thought they were gone for sure. Both dogs returned shortly before the owner arrived. Freya and Thor were frothing at the mouth after having run a very long race after a very large coyote about halfway to the state line. Unfortunately the coyote (a loner) liked the game. He sat at the top of the hill taunting the dogs even as the owner was trying to load them into her car.

Thor (the puppy) must have weighed more than 100 pounds. He was supposed to be the friendly one; Freya the more standoffish. Thor had no collar so it's fortunate that Freya chose to come to me when called.

I found out that the Great Pyrenees are very gentle and dedicated dogs. What a relief. I thought I was dog food.

Freya and Me.......................Freya.........................Thor.....
They are beautiful aren't they? And BIG!

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