Saturday, March 01, 2008

Signs of Spring

I think that winter may be over (or just about). Yesterday while walking down by Union Creek (at the moment more aptly named Union River - see video) I spied what looked like mold (mushrooms/toadstools) near the base of one of the trees. But, this mold appeared to be moving. Upon closer inspection I found literally thousands of lady bugs in the dead grass.

We went back today to take a photo and most of the ladies had left but there are still quite a few left. Roger took the photos of two remaining 'clumps' huddling together (to keep warm?) under the grass.

Roger finished digging out the trench for the lines from the solar panels to the barn today. He dug the trenches last fall but the deep snow and heavy run off have filled in the holes with a lot of dirt and debris. Cement will be mixed and poured tomorrow so there will be more photos of the work in process.

I have completed two Palouse paintings and have two more in process. You can go to the Paintings link on this site if you want to see them.

I was at the local farm supply store today looking for fence posts so we can fence in the yard for Panda. They didn't have what I wanted but they did have two little Araucana chicks. I was so tempted but they did not come home with me.

For the time being we're anxious to get outside and work on our 'projects'. Give us a few weeks and we'll probably wonder why...

The Union Flat Creek (aka Union not-so-flat River)

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