Friday, February 22, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

I took these photos the night of the lunar eclipse using our Canon digital camera. I'm not good at using a tripod (especially with a moving object) so I held the camera in my hands while using other immovable objects for support.

At first I was able to use the post on the front porch as support.

As the moon progressed across the heavens I lost that option and began to use my knees while sitting on cold cement.

The photos below are a couple of the bad ones I didn't delete... Yea, right! They're all bad huh? I just had to include them.

This one shows two stars on either side of the moon.
Notice the 'jiggle'.

The line of light at the bottom is a car passing by on Wawawai while the aperture was open on the camera. All of the exposures were long.

It is my understanding there won't be another lunar eclipse like this for two years. Maybe I'll learn to use the tripod before then.

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