Friday, December 21, 2007

Work in Progress

Roger continues to work on the solar panel installations. The temperature was mostly in the 20 for the past week so I think his stamina is admirable.

He dug the holes with the backhoe but had to clean out some of the ditches by hand. I have no actual photos of him working as I don't like the cold.

It took 12 - 14 bags of cement to fill up the one tube and most of the day to haul it, mix it and pour it. When Roger got in he told me that the other three posts were going to be done by the WSU Rowing Team. I wonder if they know what they're in for?

Since we only have four panels and all four will be put on one post there is no real hurry to get the other posts done until the other solar panels arrive.

When Roger was finished pouring and hooking up some of the pipe he was going to back fill some of the ditches. However, remembering that he used a backhoe to dig the trenches (because of the rocks) we (and I use that term figuratively) are going to use a bulldozer to fill them back in. Roger is such a trooper.

It will be nice when everything is up and running.

You only see the top 6-inches of the concrete. it actually extend four FEET down! Come'on Rowing Team!
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