Sunday, November 11, 2007

Breaking News...

Don't you just hate it when everything on the news channels today is 'Breaking News'?

"Breaking News... Bobbie Brown falls off his bike in front of Mr. Black's house and now Mrs. Brown is going to sue Mr. Black for maintaining an unsafe sidewalk in front of his house.

"In return Mr. Black is suing the Browns for defacement of the sidewalk from the blood stains that Bobbie maliciously splattered across his sidewalk."

Fortunately, that has nothing to do with this blog so, here goes. Yes, I know. I'm in a rare mood but, that's Roger's fault.

Roger has been away, again. He left Thursday to fly to Nellis AFB for the air show. He told me (before he left) that he was going to talk to the man who owned an F-105 (I think it was an F-105) that was being exhibited in the show.

Roger told me when he called that he did have a conversation with gentleman. Unfortunately, I did NOT give Roger my American Express Card and the owner of the aircraft would not take a check for the jet. So Roger will be home later today via Alaska Airlines rather than RJRanch Airlines. Besides the Robinson landing pad is too short for the jet and landing it in the alfalfa field might really upset the farmer.

I, on the other hand, have been working on my painting (among other things) so I thought I'd include a photo of my studio as it looks today. The painting of the grain elevator (on the easel) is not quite done but it's getting close.

Many of the things on the shelf above the sliding door are a collection of items I originally kept from hitting the land fill because I wanted to use them for still life drawing. Some of the items have been contributed by Roger though I don't think he really know he donated them. It hit me yesterday that they might look good up there (instead of in the barn). And, they do (I think). But then, I'm an artist and we all know how quirky artists can be.

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