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We moved to Pullman Washington about 2 1/2 years ago. Anyone who has moved before can understand that often times some boxes are left unopened for a period of time until one decides just where they want to put the stuff. Sometimes the box(es) will sit for weeks; maybe even months before the contents is emptied and/or tossed out.

We've had our share of that in our household. Though most things (over time) have been placed in their permanent locations or tossed there are still a few items that just don't seem to have a place to call home. So, they remain sitting about in the garage, the barn or the house.

Recently, we have made great headway in the items in the barn and even have cleaned up a little in the garage. The house (being mainly my domain) was pretty well put in order shortly after the move. However, there is one room in the house that has remained off limits; The Office.

I am and have been affectionately called a 'neat freak' (a place for everything). Roger, on the other hand, is not (shoot them all down). In this respect, we're rather like oil and water. He doesn't mind a mess and I can't stand it.

Currently my dear sweet husband is away at Solar School (photos below). He is learning a lot about uses, manufacturing and marketing of alternative energy. It is our intention to use some of the technology to improve the efficiency of our home and workshops. He is excited about it and I think it is something that may keep him entertained for quite a long time.

.........Roger's view..............His classroom..........Student Installers..

Right now I have a painting block so I'm not painting except to teach. Since I don't teach every day I have been doing a thorough cleaning of the house (you know stove, refrigerator, cabinets, behind couches, under beds, etc.). I've done what amounts to spring cleaning; only its fall isn't it. Well I either have a great start on next years spring cleaning or I'm terribly late for this year. Either way my house is clean and with all of the cleaning out of the way it is my hope that I will be inspired to work on my Palouse painting again. We shall see.

Below are several boring photographs of our office. When we first moved in Roger put some boxes of 'stuff' on the floor. But, not just boxes; there were cables and cartons; papers and books and a multitude of other items that I cannot name. Last Wednesday was their last day to reside on the floor.

(Roger: They're all perfectly safe and I know where they are if you need them.) There is still more work to be done but it looks sooooo much better. I sort of forgot what the carpeting looked like.

I've been working on other projects too (don't panic) but I'll not go into that now because I don't want Roger to have a heart attack while he is gone. (Roger: FYI: I did not touch the desk...though I wanted to). I think I've done all the damage in the house that I can without help. However, if this does not break my painting block, there is always the garage and the barn to tackle.

Or, maybe I’d better quit here…

Wow! Maybe I better check and see if there is still another class following this week's class.

Good Job! (Especially the part about the desk. Under the penalty of severe retribution - LEAVE THE DESK ALONE!) lol
I think NOT! You know the part about the garage and the barn? You will also be placing 'the desk' in peril.

You might not like what you find when you get back. (schmile)
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