Friday, September 14, 2007

Priest Lake Trip (Reeder Bay campground Friday September 14th)

We set out in our trailer this morning for a little R&R at Priest Lake. This will be our second trip in the trailer. It's nice to get away from the 'ranch' and all of our 'projects.

We were even able to get the little boat atop the truck so we could take both the boat and the trailer with us.

We got the trailer situated in it's new home (at least for the next four days) and set up the canopy and the generator.

With bottle of wine in hand we walked down to the beach to enjoy the tranquility of the moment with our neighbors Renee and Garth (not Brooks).

This is an interesting site. It looks like the head of one of the statues on Easter Island peeking out of the sand. If you don't look too close that is.

Roger and our neighbors will launch the boat tomorrow. This will be a fun four days.

Hmmm. That first photo you've got, it reminds me of something vaguely familiar. Wish I could put my finger on it.....friend11
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