Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The last blossoms of the season. The deer have taken their toll on the flowers.

Roger's EV (aka Sparky) has been completed for about a month now (minus the non essentials) and he's very proud of it. Everyone in Pullman, except one guy at Pullman Hardware (now he knows too) know about the car. I guess it's been quite a hit with the community.

Anyway, someone suggested that Roger put Sparky in the Palouse County Fair. Sounded like fun (to Roger that is). I've already had the experience of sitting for four days watching people walk by and it's lots of fun... NOT. Roger is the more gregarious of this duo so he was able to socialize with others attending the fair.

I think, if we do this again, we will both attend the next fair. I will display (and maybe sell a couple) paintings and Roger can display and talk about his latest and greatest invention. The car will be a year old by then and I don't think it will be the foremost object of his affection then. We'll see...

Roger's EV display at the Palouse County Fairgrounds this last weekend. Imagine four days of fun and sun. I joined him on Sunday.

Roger thought his car looked really cool next to this large combine. We drove the Sparky over to the combine and snapped this photo on Sunday before the fair began. We passed the combine lumbering along the road on our way to the fair last Thursday. This was not an easy thing to do considering it's as wide as the two lane road.

Another photo of the combine. Just so you can get some idea of the size of this piece of equipment please notice the front wheel. Hi y'all...

And I had a thrilling conversation with one of the sheep. The discussion involved why he should not eat my raffia hat.

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