Monday, July 23, 2007

'Honey Do' List

The 'Honey Do' list just got a bit shorter. This weekend we finished the walls inside the workshop in the barn. The ceiling is another matter to be dealt with this fall/winter when the weather cools a bit. Until then my mouse and I will work on finishing the walls so I can get the cabinets and work surfaces in place. It will be nice to have a place to work on glass again.

Last weekend we finished putting down the base shoe in the studio. We still have a few 'details' to finish in the studio (touch up painting, installing trim strips on the door sills, lighting, etc.) but, that is also work for when the weather becomes inhospitable again.

Roger continues to work on the VW conversion so his workshop is in limbo at present. He works on his VW five days a week and gives me one full day to help me with stuff that I can't do myself. He really is a good sport about it.

There's a vacuum leak somewhere...

Since I am unable to get an email through to you, I thought I'd let you know that the link from your blog page to my blog page does not work. It has one too many / marks at the end. Delete one / mark at the end of the webpage address in your settings.

Also, I have posted some new pictures of my pumpkin patch on my blog.

Love you much. Have fun with Drew.
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