Wednesday, July 18, 2007

About Time...

I guess it's 'about time' I created another post. We've been busy here. It seems like most of my time involves maintenance at this point. Roger still suffers from allergies (I think; at least he still takes the medication) and I'm still mowing the lawns, weeding the flower beds (and my garden). Those of you who know the place will understand. Roger does get out and spray the thistle and helps with week whacking but, not without paying the price.

I'm also still working on balancing the water in the Koi pond. I had a handle on it and the pond was beginning to look pretty good. Then, the crop dusters made a pass through (several passes in fact) and now the pond looks like pea soup. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Today I will be working on the pond and then painting. No, not painting walls, painting canvas. I began a painting of a grain elevator some time ago. It's sitting on the easel in my studio. I have not done much on it lately because of all of the outside and Koi pond work.

One of our neighbors stopped over about a week ago to see if our phones were working. We had just experienced a severe electrical storm and their phones were out. We chatted for a bit. When we mentioned the work we had done on the studio they asked to see what we had accomplished. They saw the (unfinished) painting, recognized the grain elevator in the composition and, now want to buy it. So, I guess I'd better get it done.

I'm not sure what price to put on it at this point. Like I said it's not complete. I was planning on displaying the painting at For Art's Sake as a Palouse painting. It might be more valuable there (commissions, ya know). It might also help with getting more art students. Guess I'll cross that bridge (grain elevator) when I get there.

On another note, Roger installed a swamp cooler in the new greenhouse. Now his palm tree is happy. I finished putting the bricks down on the floor for drainage. Once the watering and electrical systems (notice the wires) are installed I will move the plants in. It should be nice when we're done.

Last weekend Roger brought home a new 'toy'. This is me playing with the toy. I didn't do too badly. I missed the target twice out of 12 shots. The first one went wide (lucky there was a hill behind it) and the second one went into the paint can (where I aimed) sitting on the hay bale above the target. Several of the holes in the center are from rounds fired by yours truly. :-) It's a nice gun, light and not a whole lot of kick.

Remember when I spoke (in an earlier post) about our trailer? Before we bought it from the original owners the trailer had experience some damage to one side from flying debris being tossed about in a wind storm. The owners had placed duct tape over several 'tears' in the outer fabric. It was not unsightly but, also was not pretty.

I'm not sure what I've done is any better but, I had fun doing it. It makes our trailer unique. They're reflective and a lot more fanciful, don't you think?

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