Thursday, June 21, 2007


I love strawberries. So, when we moved here I was happy to see that the previous owners had planted a strawberry patch. It was surrounded by rail road ties at about ground level. I asked Carol what she did with the strawberries. "Nothing," was her reply. I wondered why but didn't ask. I should have asked.

After we were a bit settled in the new home, I weeded and tended the patch noting the progress of the ripening strawberries. Much to my chagrin each and every time one got even near being ready it mysteriously disappeared. One day it was there the next it was not. Hmmm. I wasn't really surprised. In fact I would have been surprised if they had lasted. We live in a very rural area heavily populated by birds, rabbits, and deer. They eat everything.

I talked Roger into purchasing four more rail road ties and we built up the sides of the patch. I then constructed a cover to keep the birds out and 'voila' we started getting strawberries. Not many but a few. That was last year.

This year I had to build the sides up higher to accommodate the plants and wow, do we have strawberries. They're so sweet and don't come any fresher.

This weekend I begin work on the regular garden. I know, it should have already been planted and the poor little plants are about to revolt due to the crowding in the green house. Liberation is planned for Saturday and I hope they thrive outside of the green house. At least I don't think they'll be pounded to death by hail or killed by an early frost. Crispy critters is not out of the question though. It's starting to get hot.

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