Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I've finally planted my garden. I'm not sure just what the outcome will be. It is terribly late and there were a lot of casualties in the greenhouse. So far, all of the plants I put in the ground have survived but, it's only been two days. Time will tell.

I finished insulating the walls in my work shop. The room is located on the east side of the barn so the insulation really makes a difference in the temperature of the room. This week end we will be putting up the inside walls. That will allow me to move some of my stuff back into the room and set it up for use.

Scott baled the grass in the field and should be picking up the bales soon. I'll start watering the front part as soon as that's done. Maybe we will get something growing around the trees.
Roger has completed the watering system out to the tree along the creek. Watering them should be a temporary arrangement. As soon as they put down enough roots they should be able to draw some of their water from the creek.
Five of the trees I purchased from the nursery are called Box Elders. I read up on them and they are supposed to be fast growing and short lived. Scott told us he has one in his front yard that is 115 years old. I wonder just what 'short lived' means to the author of the web site.
And of course, Roger is still up to his neck (literally) in the electric Volkswagen. Except for the fact there there are no seats, steering wheel or engine and there are wires hanging out of the dash, I guess you could say it's starting to look good.

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