Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Great Night at Beasley Auditorium

Yesterday morning Roger was reading the local paper and came across an article stating the the Lippizaner Stallions were going to be performing at the Beasley Auditorium on the WSU campus. I bought tickets and what a thrill. We were in the third row from the arena. What wonderful animals.

I knew that the foals were born brown or black but I didn't know that they were occasionally born white. The white foals are considered a rarity and are used as carriage horses for royalty.

I also thought that all of the foals turned pure white as they matured. I found out that occasionally a horse does not turn 'pure' white but retains some remnants of its former color. One example is a 15 year old stallion (performing in the show) that was a dapple gray. Their name for his color is flea tick gray but I think I like my name better.

The maneuvers the horses do in the arena (and they are called maneuvers, not tricks) the horses do naturally. Their training involves getting them to do the maneuver on command. Also, only the stallions are used in the arena as the mares have a different center of gravity and cannot perform many of the moves. It was truly an interesting educational experience.

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