Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Greenhouse

The greenhouse was installed on Saturday. Roger and I both had visions of them plopping the structure down on the foundation we had built and walking away in just a couple of hours. Ignorance is truly bliss. We really had no clue.

The greenhouse was built at a facility called The Glass Hut located in Oregon. I'm sure the drivers were not aware of where we were located when they told us they would depart the factory on Friday morning and deliver it to our location on Friday afternoon. The greenhouse arrived about 7:30 PM on Friday and dropped off by two very tired drivers.

Saturday morning they returned bright and early. They moved the greenhouse off of the trailer.

The movers like the location but, that is not where I want it.

No, it has to be moved.

Up and over the water spigot.

And onto the foundation.

The bracing for the door openings are removed...

And, door frames installed.

A view from the top.

Now to install the panels,
the doors,

and the shelves and windows.

It's beginning to look like a greenhouse.

The logo goes on; the final touch.

A full days work and the greenhouse is finally complete (well their part is).

Our work is just beginning. We get to move plants and pots; sinks and counters and, install electrical and watering systems.

My garden is finally going to get planted... Hurray!

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