Friday, May 25, 2007


Roger and I have been working hard so far this year to complete certain 'tasks' we set out to accomplish. You might say we have been a little overly optimistic and this has caused us (me anyway) a great deal of anxiety.

Those of you who can remember one of the 'I Love Lucy' episodes, I sometimes feel as she must have felt. Lucy is packing chocolates in boxes as the pieces of candy come down a conveyor belt; she does okay until chocolate pieces begin to come closer together and the conveyor belt moves faster. The result (though funny) was not pretty.

We have pushed forward though and continue to accomplish (bit by bit) these tasks. Looking back, I don't feel that I've given enough credit to those hardworking individuals who have helped us.

Without the help of Josh, Kirt and Curtis I'm afraid Roger and I would not be on speaking terms. I will try not to repeat myself but here is a recap of what has been accomplished so far.

Josh and Roger installed the flooring in the studio (office/exercise) room. It really looks good.

Josh and Roger (I helped too) put up the awning for the front patio area.

I now have windows in my work shop; an exit door out of the store room and double doors at the entry to the work shop.

Roger installed the flooring in his workshop.

Finally we've put in a drip system to the new trees. The trees will eventually put down roots so that they can draw water from the creek. But, until they become established we will water them.

We're still not sure what to do with all of the pasture grass we planted. For the time being I'm mowing. Maybe we'll eventually have a 'park' but, we're in no hurry.

There is still a long way to go but, I think we both enjoy it. I know I do.

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