Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pool Room Construction

The work continues in the pool room conversion. Roger and Josh finished patching up the holes in the walls on Monday.

The inspector came by the same day and gave our work his blessing so we could continue on.

Yesterday I taped up all of the windows and doors. Josh finished sanding the walls and started taping paper to the ceiling. He got about half way done before we decided to call it quits for the day.

Sometime during the night Roger heard what sounded like ripping newspapers. This morning all of the paper Josh had taped up was lying on the floor of the pool room. Needless to say Josh was not a happy camper this morning when he arrived to finish the job. So, he and I put up more paper (using better tape) while Roger pushed us around on the cart. It was so much faster with the three of us working on the project.


Roger and Josh textured the walls. It may not look as good as the job the contractor would have done but the finished product was a whole lot cheaper and it doesn't look bad.

Tomorrow we sand and seal the walls. Then we paint. Hurray!!! Maybe, just maybe we will get the room done before classes start.

You know it looks like they're having way too much fun. They're doing a great job.

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