Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kalaloch... Day Four

We departed Bryan and Addi’s on Monday the 19th and headed towards Kalaloch.

We rode Edmonds Ferry across the bay and then drove along the coast to our destination. Our route took us past Crescent Lake. It is beautiful; even in the rain. I should have taken photos.

We were told to look out for herds of elk along the way and we did see some grazing on the side of a hill in the rain. Of course the camera was in the back; so much for planning.

We arrived at Kalaloch about 5:30 that evening. It was still raining. We set up the trailer in the best space we could find available and spent our first night there. It would have been necessary to stand out in the rain to get a good view of the ocean from our spot. The next morning one of the better spots had been vacated so we moved the trailer so we could see the ocean without getting wet… it was still raining. Only half the park was open but there was still plenty of room.
The first spot.

The view from the second spot.

We made a hike down to Ruby Beach during a lull in the storm and then stopped to see the ‘Big Cedar Tree’. On the way back it started raining again.

Ruby Beach

Big Cedar Tree

I think we just wanted to document our visit in these photos... or we were being silly. I'm not sure.

On the 21st we woke to sunny (but still cloudy) skies and walked along the beach below our camp site.

The logs you see on the beach are larger than they appear. You see in the photo what sort of looks like a fisherman or a person sitting on the end of the log (the farthest one in the water) peering out at the sea. The log is really about 180 feet long; the ‘fisherman’ is about half again as tall as I am (FYI: I’m 5’5).

That's Roger sitting on a much smaller log.

We decided to bring back a couple of ‘small’ pieces of driftwood. They’re really not very large, but they are heavy.

This tree looks like a large Bone Sigh. I’m wondering how long it will be before it looses its grip on terra firma.

We sat at the lodge one morning sipping coffee while watching the tide come in. It was amazing to watch these 100 – 200 foot logs being tossed about like they were toothpicks. No wonder they have posted this sign.

Also interesting are what I call sand paintings. These were shapes left in the sand from running water when the tide receded.
I know these don't apply but, they're good too.

I think I like Kalaloch in the winter; even if it did rain every day.

Kalaloch is one of my favorite places. I can't think of many places I'd rather be....
It's great, especially when it's not raining.
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