Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our First Real Trip...

We took our trailer on its first (for us anyway) long trip. I really did try to think of everything we would need. I got most of it but true to form, I forgot a few things too. I think I should get an E for effort though. Roger said I packed too much but it didn’t interfere with the route from one end of the trailer to the other so I guess I did okay.

We left home on Friday morning. After gassing up and making a few adjustments we took turns driving until we reached Snoqualmie Summit. We stopped there and took a lunch break. We hit the road again and arrived at Bryan and Addi’s at about 6:40. That is where we spent our first night in our trailer. It rained most of the night so that replaced the thunderstorm CD I forgot to bring.

We discovered that the bed is a little on the short side and the twin/full blankets are a tad too small for the bed.

We had a great visit. We went to dinner; to breakfast; and to the Home and Garden show with the kids and Addi’s mom, Cindy.

This art work is right up Roger's alley. I call it sticks in a shadow box. It really is a nice piece though.

This is an interesting tree... Going to try this one on the apple trees.

Display at the entrance to the Home and Garden show.

We strolled out to look at the fishing boats. This pallet is filled with fish nets. Can you imagine living on a fishing boat for months on end? And I think the trailer is a tad on the small side... go figure.

I think most of the apple tree's already look like that, only on a larger scale. :-)
Just wait. The trees are like a blank canvas, just waiting to be worked, reworked and bent to our will... (sounds evil doesn't it?)
Fun trip! Thanks for coming out to visit. We had a great time with you.
...and like a bad penny we'll probably be back.
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