Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day Three of the Road Trip...

On Sunday (the 18th) Roger and I drove into Tacoma to see the Chihuly exhibit at the Museum of Glass. We were able to watch some of the glass artists working in the “Hot Room” creating blown glass pieces.

This stuff is really hot stuff folks...

While watching the pieces being created was exciting, the walk from the car to the museum was more interesting. We had to cross a covered bridge to reach the museum entrance. These are photos of what you see on the bridge.

This is the photo of Roger next to the wall... just to give the viewer a size reference.

I’m aware that not all of this work is created by Dale Chihuly but he has a hand in much of its creation. If we could afford one of his pieces, we could also afford to own a small island in the Pacific. I think the investment would be about the same.

The museum also contains a variety of glass pieces created by ‘guest’ artists who are allowed to work in the hot room.

These are two of my favorites. Look closely at the fish.

It sort of makes me wish I had the talent these artists have. The work is interesting, creative and beautiful.

We then drove around looking at old land marks. We saw both old homesteads (Roger’s), a building he used to own and had dinner at the Tides Inn a diner he used to frequent. All in all it was a pleasant day… even though it rained most of the day.

Re: Tides Tavern
I'm NOT giving you "The Bird!"
Sounds like a great trip. A good trailer can sure make being on the road a bit more comfortable. Here's to many more such expeditions!
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