Monday, February 05, 2007


We narrowed down the door to the dog house on the back porch so that we are not feeding the raccoons along with our feral cats. This way we can put out larger quantities of dry food and eliminate the requirement of moving it out every morning and in again at night. We (I) committed ourselves (myself) to feeding the the cats (not the raccoons) and don't want to let them down when we decide to travel for any length of time.

Loper seems to have adapted well to the dog house but Spector (aka C.S.) has not.

We purchased a pet taxi and are trying to acclimate him (C.S.) to dining in the taxi. This will allow us to put out enough food to last them both for a few days without the raccoons vandalizing the menu.

The next step is to put the top on the taxi. He's a more mature cat and it may take awhile to gain his trust on this issue. It would be nice if Loper would allow him to eat in the dog house but that's not going to happen so we'll work with the taxi.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about Buff, the transient yellow cat that sometimes comes to dine. Hopefully, they won't invite 'friends' over for lunch. These are the photos (and results) of our fist attempts at 'training' our cats.

Why do I feel like they're not the ones being trained?

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