Friday, November 10, 2006


Well, it's about time I got back to work. We just spent the last week with my son, my daughter-in-law and my two grandchildren. We didn't really go many places, just stayed here.

The weather didn't cooperate fully. It wasn't really cold (except for the first day) so we were able to go out without freezing. It rained every day. We showed them around the ranch and the sites of our little town.

We heated the pool so everyone got a chance to swim and play in the water. I think everyone had a great time.

James had a ride in the helicopter while we were taking photos with the pumpkins.

We did have a bit of a problem with the flu bug so we washed a lot of sheets, bedspreads, clothes, etc.

I now remember why God gave children to young people. I really had forgotten.

They left to return home on Tuesday. I had to work so Roger took them to the airport. It was a great visit and I hope everyone returns again soon. They are a handsome family aren't they?

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