Thursday, October 26, 2006



I'm finally finished (I think). The final count is 160 jars (minus what we've used or given away). I know you thought I was kidding about these being Christmas presents (I wasn't). Now you have a choice to make.

This is the final list and what you have to choose from...

Apple Butter (12 oz) - Very tasty
Apple Sauce (Qt & Pt) - Great flavor/texture. Not too sweet. Good on ice cream.
Apple Sauce w/Red Hots (Qt) - Sweet - great taste
Brandied Peaches (Qt) - Haven't tried them - not ready until December.
Dill Pickles (Qt) - Great flavor. A tad over processed but still firm.
Green Beans (Pt) - Ate them with boiled potatoes from our garden
Peach Preserves (1/2 Pt) - Sweet - a little runny unless refrigerated first.
Pickled Tomatoes #1 (Qt) - Milder than #2 - pickle like flavor.
Pickled Tomatoes #2 (Qt) - Reminds me of stuffed olives… yummy
Pickled Tomatoes #5 (w/onions) (Pt) - Great on crackers (w/ cream cheese)
Pickled Tomatoes #5A (w/cilantro) (Pt) - Same as above slightly different flavor
Sweet Pickles (Pt) - Great flavor, sweet and crunchy.
Zucchini Relish (Pt) - Excellent reviews (I can't eat onion).

Pick several; that way I will have some idea of what you like and might use. Enjoy.


The contractor has put us off (again) for another week. The scheduled installation date for the door is now next Wednesday (11/1/06). We'll see if he keeps this one

On the upside we now have time to do some work on cleaning up the mess in the barn and working on the lights to the trees (another project).

I can attest that the sweet pickles and pickled tomatoes are fab. The only problem is not eating the whole jar when you first open them!
Either Dill Pickles Long as they are not sweet ones. or anything that deals with Apple butter..

love ya
Patrick, I ate half the jar of the tomato relish (the one on crackers with cream cheese). It was soooooo good. It still makes my mouth water. I really did regret eating so much of it later that night.

BTW: The problem was with the cream cheese (too much cream cheese) not the relish.

Kim, the dill pickles are not sweet and they're good. The apple butter is great too.

FYI: I haven't canned stuff in more than 20 years and it's great to have it working out as well as it has. I just need to brag a bit. :))
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