Sunday, September 03, 2006


Priest Lake Idaho
Sometimes you just need to take a break so I thought I’d depart from ‘Boring Barn News Gazette’ and post a few photos from our trip to Priest Lake. These photos are from our first trip. We all had a good time.

We boated through the shallow connector water way and took some really nice photos of the upper Priest Lake. On the return trip to the lower Priest Lake we enjoyed sightings of moose, bears, several species of ducks, and an abundance of fish.

I was the boat pilot.

You would think from looking at the crew that they had every confidence in the world in my driving capabilities.

They’re not really as relaxed as they appear.

Fortunately we had a backup; Drew volunteered to be our co pilot. We made it back safely.

The next day we went to see Granite Falls and the ancient cedar forest. We could not have asked for better weather.

Even our fearless leader managed a thrill or two. I nearly had a heart attack but he sure enjoyed the ride. BTW: I'm driving the boat. 'Fearless Leader' is the one dangling from the parasail.

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