Friday, September 08, 2006

Our second trip to Priest Lake was fun for most of the vacationers. I fell off the boat while trying to unload stuff and found out that the ground is pretty hard when falling from five feet up. For that reason I was a non participant in many of the more active functions.

Roger and the ‘kids’ took the boat out to the Upper Priest and photographed the wildlife there. This moose looks as though it might have fallen off the boat too.

There was a volleyball game between the Slackers (Roger and Ali) and the Whackers (Bryan and Andi).

Of course the Slackers were soundly beaten by the Whackers much to Ali’s chagrin.

We celebrated Addi’s birthday.

We roasted marshmallows on the beach.

And ended with a celebrity poker game.

Great blog entry!
I agree! It was a great time, even if Addi was sick as a dog, you fell off the boat, I didn't catch a fish, and the thunderstorm trapped us all in the cabin. :-)

At least my volleyball team won.(Correction: we were the "Deadbeats" rather than the "Wackers")
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